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Most Disappointing Read Of 2015

“The Haunted House” by Walter Hubbell

I was so excited to read this book because –
1) The Title contains the word “Haunted” in it.
2) It is a True Ghost Story.

It is based on the author’s experience with the haunting, but as per the book, the author arrives much later at Esther Cox’s house (almost at the end). The description of all the family members makes this book even more slow. Every boring thing is described in detail except the haunting.

The house wasn’t Haunted. Everything was happening around Esther Cox and when she left the house, the strange occurrences used to stop. Everything followed Esther, so I don’t understand why the title of this book is the Haunted House.

The story was really slow paced. I kept waiting for something to happen but nothing did. The ghosts stole things which were later thrown at the family members out of nowhere. They even set fire in the house when there was only one person present in the house other than Esther. People thought Esther was Faking it but nothing was ever proved.

If you don’t want to waste your precious time then please don’t read this book.



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