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January Wrap-Up! 2016

I can’t believe that January is over so soon. It feels like we were just celebrating Christmas. Anyways, January was a good reading month as I managed to read 4 books. During this festive period I didn’t think I was even going to be able to finish 2.

So here’s the list of books I read past month:

Promises by Amber Garr


This book is set in the mermaid world and has a great collection of characters. There are some flaws with character development but otherwise it’s a great story and worth a read. I’ve already posted a review for it, you can check it over here –

Zombies Vs The Living Dead (Surviving the Evacuation 0.5) by Frank Tayell


This book is based on Zombies (as you would have already guessed) and how the old people living in the retirement home survive this outbreak. It’s a really good concept and I really felt bad for the characters. It is a really touchy-feely book. I will post a review soon!

The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty


I am a huge horror fan. I love horror movies, shows and books. The Exorcist is a classic and I think I don’t even need to say anything about this one. I have watched the movie a lot of times but never occurred to me that I should read the book. But thankfully, some magical force reminded me that The Exorcist exists in a book form, so I decided to read it and no need to mention how much I loved it. Hands down!

And…last but not the least…

All of Me by Leeanna Morgan


This is a book about 4 friends and how they helped a bride (who lost everything in a burglary, including the bridesmaid dresses) with her wedding. The main characters, whose story is followed in book 1 are Tess and Logan. The story continues with them helping the bride and how they deal with their own past they are hiding. I really loved this book, the character development is really good. Review for this one will be up soon.

Thank you so much for reading, Feel free to comment your views and Please follow for more reviews! 🙂 ❤


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