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“Pretty in Black” by Rae Hachton

I could hear him calling for me—I felt him in my blood. The possibility that Marcus could be a vampire had never occurred to me. Why would it? Not when everything about him seemed so utterly and breathtakingly human.

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My Thoughts:

I think this book is very similar to Twilight, not just story-wise but also event-wise. You know how in Twilight Bella finds out the truth about Edward and then she tries to mix in with his family and his world?! That’s what happens in Pretty in black #1, although not exactly (I’ll explain). I also read the teaser for second book and it is similar to New Moon (Twilight #2) because just like Edward, Marcus leaves Ellie too (for her safety).

There were many events in the book that kept reminding me of Twilight time to time. But I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy reading it, it was good in its own way. I will definitely read the rest of the series and hope it doesn’t continues with the Twilight pattern.

Overall, I liked it and was unable to guess who the culprit was until the very end (which make me really happy).

Good Stuff:

Ellie is emotionally disturbed as her sister gets murdered in their own house and her parents decide to part ways. Her friends leave her to deal with all of it on her own and her boyfriend cheats on her while she was grieving. Ellie and her mom start living with Nick (her mom’s boyfriend) who is, lets just say he’s not a good person. Ellie tries to kill herself but Marcus saves her. She starts hanging out with him everyday. One day a middle-aged guy tells her that she is a hunter and she’s born to kill the “Evermores”.

The interesting thing is that I never imagined this book would be about vampires, shape-shifting vampires. They can turn into ravens and crows and they are called Evermores. Marcus and Ellie are supposed to kill each other but of course they fall in love.

The thing that I liked the most in this book was that the first half of the book is from Ellie’s point of view and the other half is from Marcus’s point of view, which really gives the reader a lot of answers to what is happening and how it happened. I would’ve been very disappointed if the book would have ended with only what Ellie knew. It was so refreshing to know the story from both sides.

There is going to be a Gargoyle (a Handsome one!!) in the second book and there’s going to be a love triangle between the hunter, shape-shifting vampire and the gargoyle (Hmm very interesting). I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

Bad Stuff:

As I said before, there were lots of scenes in the book where I said, ‘That happened in Twilight’. So that made me think this author was one of those who steal stories from other books and I lost some interest in this book. But then the story took a turn and focused more on Ellie’s family (which I can’t tell anything about because it’ll be huge spoiler) and then the story got better.

Honestly, my biggest problem with the book was similarity to Twilight and Cheesy romance, I mean seriously, Authors need to stop doing that.


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