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“Sunshine Hunter” by Maddie Cochere


Working in a weight-loss center by day and a racquetball club by night, Susan Hunter enjoys her life, the sport, and her friends. … Sunshine Hunter opens with Susan finding out her new boyfriend of three months is married. To escape the drama, she accepts an offer from her best friend to tag along for a week in Florida. Here the mystery begins, and Susan believes she and her friend are being stalked. She also learns of a murder back home in Ohio and soon finds out she’s wanted for questioning. The story takes an adventurous turn when she ends up in the Gulf of Mexico. … Humorous, sometimes ominous, Sunshine Hunter is quirky and fun!



This book started off really nicely and I was hooked and excited to read the whole story. But as the story progressed, it went downhill. The story starts with Susan and her boyfriend chit chatting in her apartment when Susan’s phone rings and she finds out that her boyfriend “Mick” is married and his wife wanted to talk to him. She hands the phone to Mick and then disappears out of the house.

Later, her friend/neighbor “Darby” tells her that he is going on a trip and she can join him if she wants to. Susan wanted to get away from Mick, so she decides to go with Darby on that trip. She only informs two people about this trip and requests them not to tell anyone where she’s going.

On that trip, Susan feels like someone’s following them. On that whole trip, she was the DANGER magnet. Anywhere she went, she got flat tires on her car and she knew that something was really wrong.

Now, my point here is that if the stalker really wanted to kill her, then why was he giving her flat tires? Do flat tires scare people off?


After a phone call from her friend she learns that there has been a murder in their club and the last person that guy talked to was Susan. This is where the spoiler part comes in but don’t worry I won’t write any spoilers.

Anyways, she talks to Mick and learns that he is getting a divorce and it is not because of Susan. The divorce was filed way before he even met her. She decides to forgive him and tries to enjoy the last day of her trip.

Susan, Darby and his friend decide to go fishing and that trip turned into a nightmare when their ship broke and Susan almost got eaten by a shark. She decides to leave the city earlier than her friend so she can avoid the stalker.

After reaching home, the first thing she has to do is visit the police station for investigation purposes. The stalker finds her at her work place and well, there wasn’t much action. And the plot twist was very predictable.

I would not recommend it to other readers. This book is a chick-lit, not much of a mystery. Thank you so much for stopping by and please follow for more reviews. I’ll talk to you in my next post! xx


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