Fantasy · Romance · Teen · YA

“Forever” by Eric Marier



Rich, popular Kate Hewitt destroys lives at Sussex High.

Mute, violent Kev Anderwaith hasn’t been to school in months.

On the day Kev does return, Kate is shocked when the overgrown, social outcast sits next to her in class and claims they’ve both lived previous lives, and keep finding each other, throughout the centuries, falling in love every time.



“Forever” is the first book in the Abandoned series. I got this book for free from Amazon. First of all, the story was very intriguing, at least the concept was. Kate Hewitt is the popular and mean girl of school and Kev Anderwaith is outcast and no one likes him at all.

The main character Kate was really annoying in the entire book. She basically had no manners and was very disrespectful to the elders. Even though her character changed a lot throughout the book, she still didn’t change her way of talking disrespectfully. On the other hand, Kev’s character was very lovable. I wasn’t very interested in his character at first but then eventually started liking him.

Kev tells Kate that they have known each other from their previous lives and that they have children together, who are old now and their daughter is dying and wants to meet Kate for the last time. Kev tries to convince Kate to meet her but she refuses blatantly. The story continued with Kate’s struggle with this completely different reality of her life and I loved it.

The author’s writing style is very good. I read the whole book in one day just because the writing style was so good. It kept me awake till 3 in the morning. At first, the story didn’t seem to be going anywhere but then Kate fell for Kev and she started believing in everything he said. The concept of past lives was very intriguing to me and I wanted to know more about it but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

My favorite part of the book was the ending. I loved how the book ended and it broke my heart. This book is definitely worth reading and I think it would have been better if the characters had more depth. The plot was very interesting but the author did not explain why was all of it happening (maybe he’ll explain in the second book?).

I would like to read the next book in this series and I really want Kate to be less annoying and more understanding.


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